Dancing in the Dark was started as a reaction to the people who claimed that nothing cool or cultural ever happened in Aberdeen. Although Aberdeen can feel a little slower than say Glasgow or Edinburgh it still has an incredibly vibrant cultural sector, its just that individual events, openings and exhibitions on their own don't paint the full picture. So by combining all the cool stuff happening at Peacock Visual Arts, Project Slogan (RIP) and Aberdeen Art Gallery, along with Grays School of Art and all the amazing artists operating across Aberdeen you end up with a very different picture. You begin to see all cool things that Aberdeen has to offer and actually, it doesn't look half bad.

My own role in this is taking an interest in all of the above. Finding the people who are making the work, organising the shows, curating the galleries and trying to burst the bubbles that people find themselves operating in. And slowly the walls seem to be coming down as more people start to see the value of networking and supporting each other in working towards shared goals. Whether its late night events at the Art Gallery or art students forming their own collectives there's a palpable change starting to occur as more folks realise if they want to see things happening they have the power to make it happen. I've always thought if your not doing anything to change the problem then you have no right to complain about it. 

As well as trying to support and improve the creative network and promotion of events in Aberdeen its been important to look a little beyond the Granite City and to see what other towns are doing to improve their cultural foot print. Dundee has made incredible strides forward in the last ten years with the DCA becoming a benchmark for any contemporary arts centres and galleries like Glasgow's Recoat have brought artists to Scotland whos work really inspires and gets me excited! 

I might not always feature everything thats happening in Aberdeen, after all working full time means this is a side line, a passion project which I put as much energy into as I can but I'm only one guy trying to make some ripples in the ocean of noise out there.

"You can't start a fire, sittin' 'round cryin' over a broken heart, This gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark"