Sunday, 23 July 2017

'Incidental Interiors' by Rachel Barron & Anna Shirron at The Suttie Art Space!

While up checking out the 'Forest Magick' show we took in the current exhibition at the bigger space at ARI. 'Incidental Interiors' is a joint exhibition by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, marking the first time the pair have collaborated. I recognised the distinctive hanging cut outs by Shirron after enjoying her degree show work of a similar nature a few years before. Paired with the subtle coloured fabris by Barron the space is transformed, not quite as claustrophobic as a labrynth but certainly new paths are created.

"Incidental Interiors is a site specific installation by Rachel Barron & Anna Shiron, which takes the hospitals interior as its starting point.

Zooming in on the acrhcitectural elements that may typically go unnoticed - from duct taped floors panels to metal grid structures and spiral air vents - artists have drawn from the incidental colour schemes and material encounters found within the hospital building.

Bringing together their work for the first time within this exhibition, the installation is composed of suspended panels that layer and interact; Shirron's paper cut out - made entirely by hand - are formed of patterns derived from a series of photogrpahs that magnify unplanned visual aspects within the hospital interior; Barron's transparent fabric panels display subtle hues of colour that reference the hospital's navigational mapping system of colour coded zones. The work seeps into the hospital environment, through playful interventions that interact with interior elements."

The show looks quite organised and structured when you first enter the space, its only upon moving around you begin to notice shapes appearing and morphing through the colour fabrics, creating new hues and patters. The walls are adorned with the beautiful shadows cast through the giant cut outs, stretching out to create new forms as you go. Its quite calming to be in the space, I'm sure a welcome feeling to most visitors of the hospital.

Again I'm a little late to the party but the show is on until the 6th of August so there's still a few weeks to get up and see it for yourselves. also next week on the 29th you can attend a creative workshop, more info on that here and a special curators tour of the show on the 2nd of August, more info here!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

'Forest Magick' by Kyle Noble at The Suttie Art Space!

Despite being up to the hospital for numerous reasons it was only on the very last day of 'Forest Magick' that I managed to get some snaps. Even as we rushed through the corridor to see my brother who was in for treatment we still found ourselves stopping to take in the wonderous art works before running on. I guess hospitals are a place of mass transit as people make their way from one area to the next, from the X Ray Suite up to the wards, from heamotology to the pharmacy. And this is where Grampian Hospitals Art Trust can add a little bit of magic. With their extensive collection of art works, they have adorned hospital walls throughout the Grampian area, constantly changing and responding to the environment, not just for the patients but also for the staff who work in these spaces. Its a huge undertaking from a curatorial point of view, especially when you add on the 2 dedicated gallery spaces at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Its in these spaces they host invited artists and have steadily produced one of the most exciting cultural offerings in the North East. From the playful Pester & Rossi (check it here) to the downright madness of Robbie Hamilton (watch the video here) GHAT have been adding value to the everyday lives of people in hospital, whether they know it or not! And a s a regular visitor, thankfully not always for health reasons, the last show by Kyle Noble was an absolute feast for the eyes! Taking its que from mythological art from the East and full of details, each painting becomes so much more than the sum of its parts. Also the process behind the artworks reveals more than just a superficial nod to Eastern ideals. 

"In his paintings, Kyle experiments with medium and mark making in an effort to describe the strong impressions that his research and experiences have made upon him. They describe an idealised landscape full of supernatural distortions, shamanism, stone circles, archaic forests, gnarled trees and views of a distant sacred mountain. I create these visions through a unique blend of media; utilising turbulent layers of industrial varnish, jewel like painted details, ancient Chinese pigments of Malachite and Lapis Lazuli, holographic gels and a high embellishment of detailed drawing."  

Sadly the show is finished but I managed to get some snaps of the work below. A truly stunning offering from GHAT and another one to add to the long list of shows which have helped turned a non descript stairwell and corridor into one of the most exciting gallery spaces, certainly in the North East if not Scotland! Thanks as always to the GHAT team for their continued efforts. 

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Art Hive # 1 at Rosemount Community Centre!

Art Hive is the brain child of the Creative Learning team, namely Kelly Anne Cairns. The idea is to provide a regular meeting point for the cities creatives, outside the usual weekend hours and somewhere child friendly. Kelly pointed out that being a single parent and working means she can't always make it to openings or events but wanted to make Art Hive about access, hosting it at a suitable time and venue. The first event kicked off on the 28th June at Rosemount Community Centre

Guest's speakers presented to the group with Kelly opening up about the challenges we face as creatives and a bit of sound advice like when to take a step back. Jane Ronnie spoke about her own journey into the creative realm via an open access arts group which gave her a taste for the arts. She soon began exploring more opportunities and went from being participant to organiser, hosting a pop up gallery event at the Waldorf School. Its no mean feat to transform a gym hall into a fully functioning gallery space but she did it. Sandy Cheyne delivered a wonderful and inspiring talk about his 20 year stint in Berlin, working as an art tutor and bearing witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall! The tales of people shot and left for dead were heartbreaking, compacted by his striking and somewhat beautiful renderings of the structures and landscapes where these deadly shots were fired from. With a unique insight into the landscape of that time, we were treated to a unique history lesson and one I'm sure everyone will remember. He also kindly gave everyone their own small piece of the Berlin Wall, which he chipped off back when it fell. I rounded off the talks by speaking about some of my own stencil adventures with tales of abandoned factory toilets and multicoloured toy soldiers. It was almost surreal that the things I did almost 10 years ago have now come to hold a bit of weight, especially with the arrival of Nuart and a wider interest in street art. 

With the talks finished we were given a chance to meet the other people in attendance, a sort of arts mixer. There were many new faces in attendance and it was great to have a chance to chat with some of them, explaining how I made some of the stencils and also about trying to add something meaningful to the landscape. A special notice board was set up with adverts for up coming events and opportunities to get involved, rip off a tab and get involved. It felt like a nice way to share projects beyond the digital world. I also delivered a stencil making workshop. Armed with some pre made designs based on the 3D artwork for Blue Lines (is he Banksy?), I showed people how to cut out their designs and how to avoid the dreaded over spray from the paint cans. It was great to see people pick up a spray can for the first time and experience the power it can hold. Of course it can be a messy business and my hands were clarted by the end but it was worth it to see people heading home with their own little unique piece of art. 

All in all I think Kelly and the team did a fantastic job on their first event. It was so far removed from the usual stuff art meeting, instead it was fun and I think testament to the diverse and talented people we have in Aberdeen. The plans are coming together for the next event which will be held at The Anatomy Rooms in the next few weeks so follow the Art Hive facebook page to keep in the loop! Special thanks to the team for having me and also to Nicola Whyte for the photos.